The Altar

KINGDOM PEOPLE!! Hope you all are doin awesome and having a BLAST wherever you find yourself.

We have hit the ground running in 2012! SO MUCH ON, but what I really love about this time is the fresh vision and revelation that God brings for the new year…and the answers to prayer!

God is up to something In your churches, and flowing down into your ministry and your own personal lives, God has something NEW for us for this season. Believe it!

I was recently reading  2nd Samuel 24:18-25 and it challenged and encouraged me again…in a nutshell, David heard the word of God, and so obeyed by building an altar. He was offered everything he needed to sacrifice but chose to ‘over pay’ for the materials instead; then he said the famous words, “I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” BOOM!!

David knew that his offering needed to be expensive…it’s meaningless if it isn’t! When we are pouring worth on something else we need to deplete our own. There was purpose in what he was doing, he was seeking God for a specific result, answers to prayer for his people.

More than ever we have realised that whenever we bring our offering of worship, it needs to be costly. Have we been in prayer for our congregations and leaders? Have we totally prepared before we go up on stage? Are we punctual, do we tithe diligently, are we leading others, reading and obeying the word…do we have a specific request from God? Are we expectant!?

We’ve realised that it is so crucial that we respect ‘the altar’ and the honour we have been given to lead people to lay their lives down and worship. It isn’t us that they have come to meet or hear but Jesus! In the end king David’s sacrifice was acceptable and God answered his prayer! Let’s cut no expense in laying our lives down daily, showing God how serious we are about our requests for the people we lead…we can’t afford not to!

We have been totally blown away by the response to our song ‘The Altar’. We pray that it blesses you and your churches ridiculously and that you can make it a daily prayer!

Bless ya guys. JG

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  1. Mauricio Hernandez says:

    Well said by one of the greatest worship leaders in this nation!!

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