E-Fest Day 1

What an amazing day we’ve had. This has already become the most memorable Easterfest for us! We had the honor of leading worship for the Good Friday service. The Big Top was packed with 4000 people coming to remember the greatest act of Love man has ever seen. We lifted up the name of Jesus together- it’s our favorite thing to do. Shortly after we were back in the Big Top- ready to rock our best songs. As the time came for the set to start we were awestruck by the amount of people who had come to hear us play. It is the biggest crowd we have ever had at our set. We saw the crowd start at 1000, and move to 1500 by the end of the set!! So many sang along and chanted with us- the sound in the room was HUGE! it was great to play a new song of ours called ‘LOVERS @ HEART’ (which we’re playing again tomorrow.) we then did a live interview for RHEMA FM live to air. To all who came along today- Thank you so much for supporting us and making memories that will stay with us forever! We hope to see you again tommorow- 11:30am in the RED FROGS tent. Mike DeLorenzis :)

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