Recent Shows/Upcoming AWESOME!

Hey so we have been a little quiet on the blog front lately…So sorry for that, I wonder if you missed us? Although we have had some quiet time with the blog, we have had some crazy time in doing some shows around the place. In August we went up to Sydney to do a couple of amazing nights. We had an absolute blast at SHIRELIVE Youth. Man you guys are so crazy, but crazy in a good way. We were so inspired by the young kids that came to that youth. And the leaders in that place are some of the best that this country has. Timmy B is the man leading the charge up there, and he is doing an amazing job. Thanks for having us SHIRE LIVE! We went up to Manly the next day, had a great time and met some new people. It may sound strange, but we don’t often get to do a lot of shows in our home town of Melbourne, but we have been fortunate to have had a couple over the past few months. We have played in Prahan, Frankston and Warragul. All of these nights were amazing. We felt like we played the best we could, but what was more special was meeting you all before and after. Thanks so much for having us. The weekend just passed we played at one of our favorite places- RIVERFEST MILDURA!!! You guys are so kind to us every year. We felt so blessed to come back again. It was great to see our Mildura friends, play and lead worship for you guys. Thanks so much for having us, coming out to the shows, saying hi and being awsome! SOOOO we have some even more exciting couple of months coming up. We will be playing at Empower CC in RINGWOOD on the 19th of November, so please come out to say high. The big highlight is us being the support band for COMPLIMENTS OF GUS on the Victoria tour. We have all the dates and details on our tour dates page. We are playing in Geelong, Warragul, Ringwood and Essendon!! We have already booked a show for next year, we will be at the FORREST EDGE MUSIC FESTIVAL in march. The artist line up is amazing, and the guys running the festival are doing an amazing job. It’s the festivals first year, so please come out and support. If you haven’t heard already, we will be releasing a deluxe version of the ‘LOVE AWAY EP’…It’s goin to have some acoustic versions of the songs, a remix and the original demo of one of the tracks. We are pretty excited to get that out to you. At this stage it will be available exclusively on iTunes, but we will probably press a few copies to sell at THE KINGDOM shows. Ok, that’s enough from me…MD

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